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Senators, We Need Healthy Michigan Now

Today, half a million low-income workers in Michigan lack healthcare coverage. The Michigan Senate had a chance to vote on a plan that would solve this problem, but instead they left town for their summer vacation.

Here’s your chance to do something about it.

Sign this petition and join your fellow Michiganders in calling for the State Senate to vote for Healthy Michigan.

The Healthy Michigan plan will give half a million uninsured working Michiganders the healthcare coverage they need, all while saving costs to taxpayers, businesses, hospitals and the medical system.

Treating those without insurance places an $880-million burden for uncompensated care on Michigan’s hospital industry each year. The result is that individuals with insurance and businesses that provide coverage pay higher premiums to cover the cost of uncompensated care.

Under Healthy Michigan, individuals will be able to see a primary physician, rather than unnecessarily turning to an emergency room for high-cost care. And there’s another benefit, too. Expanding coverage will encourage people to get jobs, rather than collect welfare and keep existing healthcare coverage — and it will help them get on the first rung of the economic ladder.

Join us in calling for the State Senate to return to Lansing, do their jobs, and take a vote on this important issue.

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