The Facts About Healthy Michigan

Care for Those Who Need It

Half a million Michiganders without healthcare will receive coverage.

Taxpayers Will Save Money

Healthy Michigan will save Michigan money while improving care for all.

Good for Job Creators

Find out how Healthy Michigan is good for businesses.

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Fast Facts

Coverage for Half A Million Working Michiganders
The Healthy Michigan plan will provide coverage to working Michiganders who are in or near poverty (133 percent of the Federal Poverty Limit). As a result, those individuals will be able to see a primary physician, rather than unnecessarily turning to an emergency room for high-cost care.
Saving Michigan Money
Uncompensated care costs Michigan hospitals $880-million each year. Healthy Michigan helps solve that problem. In addition, under the plan, federal dollars will fund services Michigan already provides, saving our state’s taxpayers $206 million in fiscal year 2014.
A Better Business Environment
If the Senate doesn’t pass Healthy Michigan, businesses will pay the cost. Under the Affordable Care Act, businesses with more than 50 full-time employees have to provide healthcare coverage or pay penalties of up to $3,000 per employee. Healthy Michigan can stop that from happening.

Speak Your Mind on Healthy Michigan

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